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Physical Exam Forms

Some information regarding physicals:

If your child has a driver's form that needs to be completed, he/she must have a physical no earlier than 6 months prior to their 16th birthday.  A $15.00 fee is charged for this visit.  The child must sign the form in person.

If your teenager requires a drivers’ physical (the last well visit was more than 6 months prior), a $25.00 fee is charged and not billable to your insurance. 

If your child has a sports physical that needs to be completed, all WPIAA physicals must be done after June 1st of the current school year.   A $25.00 fee is charged and not billable to your insurance. 

If a form is brought to the appointment on the day of the physical no charge is applied. ​

​​If your child needs to have a physical form filled out, please bring it to the well child care visit for the physician to complete. There is no fee if the form is completed on the day of the physical.  There is a $5.00 form completion fee for forms that need to be filled out after the date of the physical.  However, this fee is waived if we send the form to the portal for you to print.  You can either send a request for the form through the patient portal or call and let us know that you would like the form sent through the portal.  The vaccine records are always available on the portal for you to access or print at any time without charge.

Our electronic medical record system is able to print Pennsylvania school forms, PIAA sports forms, and daycare forms.  If you need one of these forms, just ask us to print one for you at the visit.  You do not need to bring one unless your child's school or daycare uses a form specific to their school/daycare.  If you need a form for your Learner's Permit, you can print from the following link and bring it to the visit for us to complete.